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The act of pulling out ones penis and squirting mustard on it, thus resembling a hot dog. A bun can be added to increase the effect.
Scott- "I was totally wasted last night and my friend said that I had even performed a portland frank. I said no way and un zipped my pants, only to find mustard stains."

Mike- "Damn, must have been one hell of a night."
by SBtheBoss June 17, 2011
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The name given to using your penis like a hot dog by putting mustard on it made famous on Jackass 3.5
I woke up the next morning with mustard on my penis, I must have made a portland frank last night.
by Prince Radames June 05, 2011
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From the new Jackass 3.5 movie. When you wake up with mustard all over your wiener/dick/cock/penis...
John: Dude, was I really drunk last night?
Matt: Yeah you grabbed the mustard for some reason and gave yourself a portland frank all over your cock.
John: No i didn't....
Matt: Check your dick...
John: Ohhh shittttttttt.......
by SEXYcheerleaderBABE June 05, 2011
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