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Designed by the good people at Porshe A.G. as an intermediate car that fills the gap between the 911 and the Boxster. A mid engine build that puts a premium on handling and driving precision more than balls-out peformance from, say the 911S. Yet it can blast to 60mph in around 5 toe curling seconds {depends on year, model etc} and scare the living crappola' out of yourself in the process. I guess it's about 40% Boxster, 30% 911 and the rest it's own special goods. A special blend to be sure. Let lose to the public in 2005, it's built a nice rep' as a multi use road machine that can cummute like a Honda Civic with pretty good gas mileage {20 city, 28 hwy} with the ponnies to transform itself into a mini Indy car by simply mashing down your right know the one. The flat six's exhaust note is simply symphonic with a low growl that mutates into a Banshee shriek that makes a guys spine say "Oh Baby!, spank me harder and don't spare the hand brush!" It really sounds like an ole' school 993 Carrera with the air cooled flat six. The car seems connected to the driver with an almost telekinetic union and that means you feel everything from the whirling pound of the engine through your back to every little bit of foreign matter you drive over. The car does have it's little piss-offs though but who the fuck cares! Your driving one of the most cool rides from Stuttgart to grace Canadian streets in years.
"What the hell was 'dat little shcreamer?" said the drunkin' alien. "Why, it was a Porsche Cayman S you silly, green, bug-eyed twat" Say's the english gentleman in a tweed coat.
by BEASER February 6, 2011
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