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A mixture of Vodka and MDMA (Ecstasy), with a much higher ratio of Vodka. Usually 1 tab of MDMA per mickey (375ml) of Vodka. Has a much higher rate of success in acquiring sexual intercourse when consumed by the target female (or male). Thus the name "Pornstar in a Bottle" because it has the effect of making (usually women) have a very strong desire to fornicate.

Disclaimer: May be considered a "date rape" drink if you don't tell the consumer what's in it, but he/she will probably be so drunk and horny it will be you getting "raped."
Eg1: "Dude, I gave her some Pornstar in a Bottle, and she tore my boxers trying to get them off!"

Eg2: "He got me drunk off Pornstar in a Bottle, I couldn't keep myself contained.. It was the best sex I ever had!"
by Ryan R L August 06, 2007
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