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Raciest name for a person of Portuguese origin. The racial reference came about in the Channel Island of Jersey in the United Kingdom. It was brought on upon immigration of people consisting of a Portuguese heritage coming to Jersey in the late 1980's. Racial issues and hatred had arisen in Jersey when the population number of Portuguese immigrants came to a high. It is now considered a harmful word to the community in Jersey whether of Jersey nationality or Portuguese nationality. Another racial name with the same equivalence and meaning is "pork and cheese".
You stupid F***ing porko! - Referenced strait to a Portuguese person.

Shut up you f***en porko! - Again referenced strait to a Portuguese person, this can found popular amongst the younger generation as a racial comment.

They're all just stupid porko's. - Referenced by a non-Portuguese person, most likely talking to another non Portuguese person.

by Nelson Manuel Silva Teixeira November 05, 2007
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