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A music genre given to a new hip-hop or rap artist after the year 2007.
Speaker 1: Yo, I can't stand Drake or Lil wayne. They suck. I don't know why people like them. They just rap about things they wish they had, like money and ugly girls.

Speaker 2: Me neither, Pop-Hop sucks.
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Mainstream booty music, where the primary subject matter is; hot-tubs, rims, jewelry, and fried chicken.

Artists responsible for perpatrating this wackitude; Nelly, Ludacris, Cash Money Millionairs, Ja-Rule, and probobly lil jon if you could understand what this crackidict was spewing from his moms melted down K-Mart Blue Light Special "gold" tooth toolbox mouth.
Why does pop-hop lower my IQ test scores?
by Jaekiz February 15, 2004
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Pop Hop is a word used to describe a song or artist that is trying to pass itself off as Hip Hop but that doesn't have any sort of message or intellagence to it. Any song or artist that rather than improving or furthering the Hip Hop culture serves to tarnish it or take the movement back two steps in its progress. Phrase was coined by Sarah F. in Seattle Washington in 2005.
Laffy Taffy is Pop Hop song.


Master P doesn't do Hip Hop, he is a Pop Hop artist.
by Sarah Floyd September 20, 2006
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