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The Pop Punk Message Bored (PPMB) is a punk rock masturbation website where users hold conversations in the form of semi-literate posted messages. It has a specific set of jargon; for example, users refer to each other as "faggots" or "fags," and off-base or unpopular ideas are characterized as "gay." PPMB fosters the stupidity, hypocritical high-mindedness, and navel-gazing of its users.
Guy #1:
I was on the Pop Punk Message Bored today. I bet it's hard for its members to maintain so many fake accounts just to create the illusion of support and appreciation for their terrible bands.

Guy #2:
Oh, I know that site. It makes me cringe when they attempt to have serious discussions on there. If they want to be able to communicate their ideas clearly and want people to take their ideas seriously, maybe they should have buckled down in their high school social studies, history and English composition classes. Instead, they post any old serious-sounding crap and are embarrassingly earnest about it. It's sad, really.

Guy #1:
Yeah, it's an embarrassing situation over there at the Bored.
by Whoah-oh-oh, you fuckers. June 04, 2011
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