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When you slowly put each body part inside her vagina until your whole body is inside her and then you pop out like you were just re-born
my god this girl and I were at the movies yesterday it was the best night ever "she started to moan while grabbing her vagina she reached for my dick and squeezed as hard as she could she told me to meet her in the projector room, she ran off. As I opened the door she was fully naked she grabbed my head and brought it closer to her vagina, at first I thought she wanted me to lick her pussy but she kept pushing she pushed until my whole head was inside her vagina that's when I realized she wanted me to do The Pop Birth, I started pushing my arms in she was moaning so loud the whole cinema could here us once I was inside her the police busted through the door to see what was wrong, when they opened the door POP out I came" It was so good
by ShutSparky May 13, 2019
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