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1.The Act Of Smelling Farts Or In This Case Poots.
2. A Name For Someone Who Steals Your Thunder.
1. Those College Guys Are Such Pootsniffers.
2. You Took The Words Right Outta My Mouth You Pootsniffer!
by Heroine Star October 13, 2010
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One who reads internet guidance on a subject that has not been proven yet follows the OP like it is the word of a celestial intentity. This person also regurgitates the info on to other poot sniffers and before you know it you have a group of poot sniffers doing the same thing.

A poot sniffer takes another person stink ass garbage thoughts and eats them as his own and re poot to another poot sniffer.

A dumb ass that does no research.
Man, stop being a Poot Sniffer and research the subject. Those dumb asses are poot sniffers, that shit doesn't do anything stated.
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by StunterShadeZ May 10, 2018
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