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Neologism/Portmanteau: Pooter Cruising

The willful, purposeful, and deliberate act of hunting, searching, or "cruising" for female genitalia, or the more common colloquialism, "pussy."

Commonly used to describe the hunting activity of a persevering and enduring man or woman during prolonged blue-spells (masculine, i.e., blueballitis) and wet-spells (feminine, i.e., aquagina).
Dying, my grandfather turned to me and in a whisper said, "I tell you, when at the time of your death you look back on your life, you will remember one thing. Pootercruising. When sex-deprived you go to the pub and ply ladies of loose morals with tequila, in the desperate hope of the Pooter."
by blingblongbling March 16, 2010
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