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(Verb) The act of sending text messages to others while defecating.

(Noun) A text message sent to another while you yourself are actively engaged in the act of defecating.
(Verb) At the rest area, bob decided to pooptext his entire contact list.

(Noun) Jim had trouble not guffawing as he received a pooptext from bob during the important office meeting.
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n. a text message made to a friend either during the act or after of taking a poop. usually done to explain the experience or finished product of a defecation
know now that this is a poop text. i just took the greatest poop of my life. not only was it huge but 3 distinct colors of the rainbow were represented.
by dommysalami August 09, 2010
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Composing a text message whilst sitting on the toilet
Mr. X goes to the toilet every day at 9.38am. He then proceeds to poop text for the next fourteen and a half minutes.
by Bog Watcher February 11, 2010
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