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(Noun) - A team-effort act of defecation in which one party sits on a toilet, while another party sits on the initial party's lap and defecates through their legs - resembling the act of shooting a basketball through a hoop.
Friend: "Congratulations on your husband being named MVP."
Vanessa: "Thanks! I made sure Kobe practiced day and night. We even played poophoop."
Friend: "Yaasss!"
by laquanya October 23, 2012
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When you're having anal sex with a female (or male) and you pull out before you cum.
Back away, and try to ejaculate into the asshole of your partner from a distance. This is the "poop hoop". Points vary depending on the distance in which you came. You can only score if you actually land your semen within your partner's asshole.
John: "Dude, I just scored a 3 pointer poop hoop on Susan last night!"
Jack: "Wicked sick man, the highest I ever got to was 2 points."
by edgelord supreme-meme February 21, 2018
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The visible portion of an anus
The bitch talks too much, so they gotta cock gag her, poke her in the poop hoop and pound her pretty pink pooter till all she can do is spit cum everywhere.

- Random Pedophiles
by The T-Time September 17, 2009
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