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A person who is indifferent to anothers suffering:

1)One who puts more value on their social status than on doing the right things.

2)A spineless wuss who takes no action on another person's behalf when that person is discriminated against or harmed.

3) One who is too chicken-shit to defend another person or group from harm because he or she is afraid their racist/sexist/homophobic, etc. society will not approve.

4)One who hides from their conscience out of fear of stigma.

Comes from the phrase "poulet de merde" which literally means chickenshit.

Sounds like poo that just lays there being useless shit.

Also sounds a lot like pussy (usually a good thing unless it describes a person who fails to be a man when called upon)
How you just gonna sit there on your poolay ass and watch that girl get beat on by your homies?

I can't believe how this Poolay court is gonna prosceute a man for leaving water jugs in the desert for illegal aliens.

Don't be a poolay and let them die out there, for chrissake!, They are people who will die unless someone helps them.

chickenshitchicken shitcowardspinelessuseless piece of shitchicken
by mrfreezit September 10, 2010
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