When your on a night out with mates and you become emotional
Ever body hates me I'm a massive poof charlie
by Mt12345 May 25, 2019
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Some queer little nancy-boy who loves to sing moany, shite songs about hard done by he is.
Charlie Poof has got a lot going for him, a cool job, lots of wonga, girls tripping up over each other to get with him, still all he can do is whine and cry when the inevitable happens given his position, sluts mess around with him and break his heart even though he purposefully goes after those types. Usually after Charlie Poof has broken up with current girlfriend/plaything he will start composing his next lament to himself, with lyrics usually consisting of
1. How they don't talk anymore
2. How she only wants attention
3. How he always cared for her, still she only wanted his money and fame
4. How she always touched his willy, but now she doesn't anymore and that makes him upset
5. How Charlie Poof can take the moral high ground, because according him he's got loads of money and is adored the whole world over for his music, and she's just some random glorified prostitute who "used him" (oh cry me a river)
6. Charlie Poof will eventually get over her, and she'll be left with egg on her face by being publically slandered about how she ruined his life and how Poof bounced back victoriously after having being clinically depressed for about 2 hours.
7. Charlie Poof is now in line to earn more money in one day than the entire GDP of some small African countries over one song
Charlie Poof: I just broke up with my 62nd girlfriend. Im so sad, even though Im worth about $400 million and counting
Poof's Friend: OMG we love you Charlie, even when you berate us and treat us like dogshit

Charlie Poof's Manager: Last album all 25 songs were about you breaking up with your multiple girlfriends, that's not enough for the record label this time around
Charlie Poof: Hold up, Im just coming out of a deep depression, give me a second

Charlie Poof (referring to his ex girlfriend): I cry for you baby, I lie for you baby
Ex Girlfriend: I only wanted your money, not gonna lie
Poof: Time to write another breakup song.
by Maketchi June 13, 2019
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