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The act of pooping into the urethra of your penis, and then peeing out the poop as though it were a more viscous peepee. Poodanking is a solo act, involving the penis and pooper of a single poodanker.

Note: Poodanking is not a town in China.
I'll never poodank again!

Jenny (on phone): "What are you doing right now?"
Ted (on other end of phone): "Nothing."
Jenny: No, come on sugarbunny. Tell me what you are doing."
Ted: I...uh... how do I phrase this? I... uh... I'm shitting into my penis! And then releasing the sweet nectar as though it were urine of my own!"
Jenny: "Come again, Ted?"
Ted: "Jenny, I'm POODANKING!!!"
Jenny: *dialtone*........
by Jason Brown Bear January 06, 2008
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