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When a gurl has poop particles in her vagina, often only discovered after you pull out your dick and see the poop on it. usually results in an immediate limp dick.

This often is caused by women who wipe backwards, from back to front, dragging the poop from their ass into their vagina, hence PooPussy.
Dabbs: How was that fuck last night?

Big Daddy: Fuck man it was good at first till i pulled my dick out to switch positions and saw that my dick was covered in brown spots.

Dabbs: EWWWWW dog, home gurl got that poopussy
by bosshoss23 November 27, 2011
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An anus that has been sodomized so often that it looks like a pussy. Can be found on any craigslist post where a homosexual is showing his nude guteal muscles.

Poo- from Latin puppa
Pussy- from Low German Puus-katte, Puus-man.
Girl 1:Tempest anus has been fucked so many times you can't tell it from her vigana.

Girl 2: Oh my God I know. I was at the gym the other day and when she bent over to get the soup somebody yelled, "Poopussy alert!" I wanted to laugh so fucking bad.
by Aaron1 Feririi January 26, 2011
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