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The 'poo-taco manuveur', also known as 'the PTM' for short is a maneuver in which one lays a fresh self inficted faece into a flat bottom taco shell. after adding the toppings of your choice to the taco, you then proceed to launch this taco at the front windscreen of a law inforcement vehicle. The more moist your faece is or the more avocado and/or sour cream you mix in with the faece, the larger the blast radius the taco makes on contact resulting in angrier police officers.
BREAKING NEWS HEADLINES: "a police officer has been put into an enduced coma after a schoolie attempted the poo taco maneuver. Witnesses at the scene said that the cars window was down and the officer took a direct blow to the mouth from the poo taco. Cuntsable Fondle said that the large ratio of sour creme to faeces was a large contributing factor to the incident, almost tripling the blast radius of the faece taco on contact." Any schoolies that attempt this maneuver from now on will have a slug gun shoved up there arse and will be raped with a taco.
by minister mcnuggets August 11, 2012
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