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A rag, which one may use to remove excess faeces from the anal area.
Also, insult.
Melissa is being a right Poo Rag.
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A person that is annoying or disliked, or a friend that you are having a hard time with.
You are a fucking poorag. Cunt.

Die of cancer, poorag.

You're such a fucking poorag, it's unreal.

You smell like a two week old poorag.
by Maelstrom September 23, 2004
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A Poo Rag is a sad individual who spend the majority of his free time residing at home. Usually referring to a he, this indicates a person who often smells of shit and whom eats vast quantities of fatty take-away food. Often being greasy and unkept, Poo Rags endure insufferable volumes of hatred and abuse throughout their lives, however this is not to say they do not deserve it, as they are generally assholes, and when they build up the confidence to speak freely and people see them for what they really are they quickly revert back to crushing their confidence. They have enormouse moobs which they should never reveal - this often results in them being unable to visit public swimming baths. Poo Rags are unable to hold down social lives, be it friends, girlfriends or even holding the respect of their own families. Poo Rags perform sickening and sometimes illegal sexual acts with animals and inanimate objects, some examples are as follows:
1. Poo Rags may smear their penis in dog food, then set their dogs free on it to provide sexual satisfaction, much akin to a blowjob
2. Poo Rags spend months or even years practicing stretching in order to perform oral sex on themselves
3. Inserting their penis in the rungs of a radiator and rocking forward and back until a climax is reached
4. Inserting sharpie markers up their anus
In terms of advice useful to your own everyday life - stay away from Poo Rags.
Guy: Hey everyone do you want to go to the bar this weekend?
Poo Rag: Oh cool sounds like fun!
Guy: Shut the fuck up Poo Rag noone asked you.
by BeDo91 October 26, 2010
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