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The description of a female's poo chute that is readily accesible by any person and/or object. The girl easily offers up backdoor entry and has logged hundreds of hours being penetrated in the stinky O-ring.
Guys who venture into a girl's Poo Lagoon usually leave smelling of 'aged' fecal matter and crusted smagma, but return for more often because the girl enjoys this type of anal recreation.

Frederick wasn't sure of how freaky Carla was until he ended up knee deep in her Poo Lagoon at the end of the night in his dad's Oldsmobile. He was pounding away at her backdoor until he couldn't stand the smell of the burnt turds and bubblegum. He then proceeded to Donkey Punch her until exploded poo and semen all over the steering wheel and dashboard.

His dad never let him use the car again...
by e-rips January 22, 2007
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