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A person who LOVES pontiacs. This type of person's car is black. This type of person always talks about doing stuff to his / her car, but never really seems "to get around to it" nor is able to afford it. Enjoys rubbernecking at accidents, and pretending his car performs well and is naturally better than all other cars (even though it isn't). Also, enjoys spontaneously buying stereo systems for his / her car without consulting anyone with knowledge on it.
Man. Would you look at that Pontiac Tom? What a queer.
by Ajit Kirpekar April 23, 2004
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A rather plump fellow with a family car, which happens to be a black pontiac. He on occasion decides to randomly attack people such as his friends. Sometimes when feeling frisky he likes to drive around the middle schools in his area searching for what he calls "easy money".
Damn it stop trying to give my little sister "rides" in your family car pontiac tom!
by Mike "Big Bird" Cannizaro September 10, 2004
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