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One of the notorious "ladies" (or gentleman) of the night who work on Ponce de Leon in Atlanta, GA. (Especially those on the corner of Boulevard and Ponce). They come in different varieties the further away from Peachtree St you go. For instance, Piedmont and Ponce at 4:00am has its share of African American trannies with expensive wigs. Down at Boulevard, the fare is more like the former humans from "I am Legend."

Many Poncestitutes are toothless and suffer from pelvic inflammatory disease, but don't worry, they only charge enough for a nominal amount of crack, or a chicken dinner from Popeyes.
The MARTA bus almost ran over a Poncestitute yesterday, and although she didn't seem to notice, her pimp was cussing up a storm and threatening a lawsuit.

Can you believe the police precinct is so close to a hotbed of Poncestitution?

Honey, you might want to see a doctor! You're staggering around like a Poncestitute.

As I turned left onto Ponce, the Poncestitute stuck her braless chest out at me and smiled a toothless grin. Then she noticed I was a woman and she shot me the bird.
by Suzanne B February 02, 2009
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