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Can be used as a noun to describe a combination build of Arcane and Fire for mages in World of Warcraft in which you have both Presence of Mind and Pyroblast talents.

A tactic used generally in World of Warcraft PvP combat in which you Cast Presence of Mind and follow it by an instant Pyroblast to deal massive damage to an unsuspecting opponent. When put into a /macro it is known as an "I win" button
QQing player "That mage used Pom Pyro on me, it needs to be nerfed!"
by Fuegogrande December 02, 2008
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In World of Warcraft, a mages attempt at looking like a DBZ-like character. a jump into the air while instant casting Pyroblast to hopeflly one-shot an enemy
lolz Pom pyros ftw!
by speradix September 11, 2008
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its a short for tow words : Pom = Presence of Mind , Pyro = Pyroblast , and those tow words are names for mage spells in the WoW , and when you mix those tow spells together in game you will get the so known : Pompyro .
That mage always use a Pompyro when he have CDs ready .
by Sami Ashour=Kathe October 22, 2008
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