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To engage in multiple activities concurrently, all pertaining to some common theme. Polytasking is not dissimilar to multitasking but implies some inherent connection between tasks.

Poly- from the Greek 'polys' meaning much or many.

(Interestingly Multi- is from the Latin equivalent.)
To be chopping vegetables, stirring a sauce and laying a table ready for dinner would constitute polytasking.

Watching television, reading a book and eating a muffin whilst on the phone to a friend is, in contrast, merely multitasking.
by lachime August 19, 2009
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Working on multiple tasks simultaneously.

I.e a polytasker may operate a vehicle while texting and eating all at the same time.

Not to be confused with multitasking which involves taking on multiple tasks in a period of time when each task is done one at a time but are switched frequently.
“Dude, I think I’m a genius. I can text, eat, and take a shit at the same time.”

“Oh, you polytask?”

“Oh, is that what it’s called?”

“Yeah, polytasking means doing a bunch of shit simultaneously.”
by yekcoh December 21, 2017
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