A female student at Cal Poly SLO who dresses in fashion and spends a good amount of time to put on makeup every time before leaving her house for anything (ex: class). Always styled or noticeably straightened hair. All pretty much look similar with dark eyeliner, tans, and fit bodies.

Being called a Poly Dolly 'may' be a neutral comment implying attractiveness, but is most of the times thrown around as a derogatory term. It's another way of saying you rely and waste too much time on your looks. Go learn and do something better with your life.

Another way of describing it would be a girl who puts on makeup and gets glammed up to go workout at the gym.
Guy: I just talked to another Poly Dolly. She was really attractive, but then I realized that she couldn't carry on an intellectual conversation.
by Em Kay Lee April 5, 2009
A "Poly Dolly" is a Cal Poly SLO female student who dresses latest catalogs and stores (Abercrombie, Victoria Secret, Hollister, American Eagle, etc.).

You will see Polly Dollies all over campus -- same blond hair, same tan, and same clothing; they look better suited for going on a date than going to class.

These Poly Dollies are all dolled up -- with no place to go but Chem.
Did you see that Poly Dolly? She is wearing a denim mini with Uggs!
by Genesea M. Carter June 13, 2008
The guys cannon resisit the beauty of a Poly Doly.
by Jason May 30, 2004