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A Pollytician is a person on either side of the political spectrum who contributes almost no new ideas, but only seems to parrot the tired old rhetoric coming from their side. Used to refer to specific sides, it comes in the form of "Polly conservative" or "Polly liberal".

Originates from the resemblance of the person in question to a parrot repeating everything that's said already.

Basically, a Pollytician is someone on the left or the right who says the same thing you've heard from their side a billion times already.
A Polly liberal, for example, would say something like the following:

"-insert anti-Bush sentiment here-"

Picture a parrot going "*squawk!* Bush sucks! *squawk*"

A Polly conservative would say something like

"Blame the liberals!"

Any time you see a Pollytician, imagine them squawking. Or just squawk at them.
by Kirschwasser May 22, 2008
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