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Polly Buttercup is beautiful but naive. She thinks she will never be good enough but in reality she is already better than most people. Self conscious is an understatement when describing her but her beautiful smile and perfect hair tell a different story. It's a tragedy to know that Polly will never truly apreciate her own brilliance. She's a funny and cute character who once you get to know will blow you away. Even if only very few people truly understand her, if you do you will find a person that is truly interesting and hilarious, that you should never let go of. If you do let go of Polly buttercup, you have made a mistake that you can never truly return from. What a beautiful girl 💖
Person 1: "That quiet girl, what's her name? She has the cutest laugh"
Person 2: "Ah that's Polly buttercup, she has a couple of friends that I know. She probably has a girl/boyfriend mate. She's too pretty not to. "
by <3yourlove<3 July 19, 2018
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