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When someone, usually in an SUV, drives in the passing lane directly alongside somebody else, thus keeping faster traffic from getting by.
I'd have gotten here quicker if there weren't so many Polish roadblocks on the interstate.
by AnonIhmous September 29, 2008
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Similar in technique to the Jewish Roadblock in that two or more cars drive below the speed limit across all lanes, blocking all faster traffic from passing.

The distinction between the two is that while the Jewish Roadblock is done on purpose and with every intent of slowing down every body else on the road, the Polish Roadblock is done on accident and without the blockers knowledge.

A good indication of which one you're experiencing is the reaction you get when you flash your high beams at one of the offenders. If after repeated flashings, the offender does not move over, then it is most likely a Jewish Roadblock.
GOD FUCKING DAMNIT! These mother fuckers are Jewish Roadblocking me doing 10 under!

<flashes highbeams>
<one car moves>

<offending driver does the "My Bad" wave>

Okay, I'm not as pissed now, it was only a Polish Roadblock.

by TheChimichunga December 13, 2008
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