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The act of drinking no less than a fifth of vodka (and, more specifically, a Polish potato vodka, like Luksusowa, if available) oneself over the course of an evening. The vodka may be had on the rocks, but not in mixed drinks; i.e., it must be drank straight. The filibuster begins as soon as the vodka is tasted, but only counts as such after the first fifth has been completed. After that, the drinker goes on to consume as much beyond the first fifth as possible for as long as possible. In the spirit of a filibuster, this is a test of endurance, and not at all a test of speed. Also, for the benefit of everyone else, the drinker should be encouraged to rant at length about whatever subject is at hand while drinking.
Mike's personal best in the Polish Filibuster is sixteen hours, thirty-two minutes, with nearly two and a half fifths under his belt. Unfortunately, it ended with him pulling down his pants and pissing on his own couch before passing out. At least no one called the cops.
by Z. Tenao December 07, 2011
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