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Poliku - is a universal word which meaning depends on the conversational scenario at hand.

Basically it's another way of saying...

I'm hungry/not hungry
My left foot really itches, i don't usually bitch about things like this but its getting really annoying, its been itching for like 3 hours it seems.
I love you
Oh, just put on the fresh prince of bel-air.
Can i borrow your car?
Fuck yourself.
Eat the cat poop!
Candle Light
Jerry Seinfield

The list is endless.

Essentially, it means anything you could ever possibly want it to. And t hell it comes of the tongue so nicely.

Try it with me.

(pal' e koo')
...not pal as in buddy 'ol pal. pal as in the pal -ygraph (polygraph). I hope that makes sense.

Fun, eh?
Example 1:

Guy 1: "Man you totally fucked my girlfriend!"

Guy 2: Poliku!

Guy 1: Ohh alright, its ok then.

Example 2:

Guy 1: Man I can't my pay my rent, what am I going to do?

Guy 2: Dude, Poliku?

Guy 1: You're right! You always know what to say.

Example 3:

Guy 1:Poliku?

Guy 2: (nodding) poliku!

Guy 3: Poooooooollllllllllliiiiiiiiikkkkkkkkkkkuuuuu!
by MilesCanCan October 22, 2009
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