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Poleglass - Beauitful place, full of amazing people and well behaved children and young adults. A prime example to the rest of Norhern Ireland and the UK.

To go to poleglass the things you might see are:

Teenage Pregnancy

Pyjama Tramps

Lots of track suits
Lots of fire
Lots of blue bags

Lots of underage drinking and drug abuse

A damm good place to have a party (that lasts for 3 days)

Like (lyke) is the only word that is used in every sentance, followed by so it was, so he / she did, so I did, like!! Lol
Pole-gla-dash anthor term used by locals to decribe their wonderful and unique area Poleglass - where terroists even get scared!!
by Milli Wanabe June 22, 2011
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