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Wasting copious amounts of expensive instant film like some kind of drug addict in the quest to get a photographic work of art out of a 40-year-old camera which was never designed to be much more than a handheld novelty to begin with. The quest is made nearly impossible by a relatively slow exposure and no tripod mount or cable release.

Symptoms of madness are closely related to the manic phase of bipolar disorder, and include fevered financial worry and strained ties to family and friends due to the hobby taking priority in the user's life.
User, waking in a caustic pile of spent peel-apart backings: "Jeezus Kodak! I just blew through $40 of instant film in two hours..."
Concerned friend: "Sounds like a brief episode of Polaroid mania. Say, have you ever heard of a digital camera?"
User: "Need_________more_________flashcubes..."
by JfromBMo May 13, 2011
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