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A delicious and refreshing, Asian tea based beverage. It is so good that it has been banned in 46 states. There is also speculation that it leads to the meaning of life. Beware....Highly Addictive!!
This pokka is so good that I would go without sex for it.


A beautiful girl, creature, or anything that is lovely. Good-looking. Attractive
Wow you look luula in that dress...


Pokkaluula means addictive beauty.

Somewhere out there a man lived at the foot of a mountain in the swamps. He was filled with despair. He met a girl, through the course of bits and bites. She was lovely to him and he became addicted to her beauty.He named her Pokkaluula.
Darling you are my Pokkaluula !
by Captain Africa Online July 14, 2011
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