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A cross between Yu-gi-oh and Pokemon where the main character looks like Ash and the rival character has Yugi's hair. They catch monsters using cards with Pokeballs on them and train them to fight. There are 3 starter Pokeoh and several 'mythical' Pokeohs. Several Pokeohs are parodies of Yugioh/Pokemon monsters.

1. Explodia (Exodia)
2. Crouching Tiger, White Dragon
3. Blue Eyes, Hidden Dragon
4. Jewtwo (Mewtwo)
5. PooPooPachoo (Pikachu)
6. Poochu (Pichu)
7. Horriblo! (Kuriboh)
8. Jew (Mew)
9. Piddlyjew (Raichu)

This series is not to be confused with Digioh and Yugimon which are blatant rip-offs of Pokeoh!
Smash Match'em (Ash Ketchum): GO, POKEOH! You'll distract the ignorant Americans from our secret terrorist plights! Now, USE MEMORY LOSS!

(The person on the other side of the TV loses all memory of what Smash just said)
by Tmunger November 02, 2007
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