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An online pokemon game created by a greek "girl" named erry who consistently moans and bitches about Pokemon Deluge getting more users. She likes to flood and spam her chatrooms in all capital letters. The game she "coded" has many flaws and misspellings and grammar mistakes, often pointed out by people with a 10th grade education. That witch is the reason why many 9-13 year old kids are completely retarded and hopeless in today's society. The chatrooms are located on IRC on the SurrealChat network.

There, 9-13 year old kids can "role play" as their favorite pokemon or pokemon trainers. They don't know how to role play. Also, they all apparently hate on Justin Bieber because of his manly voice, even though every person who plays PokemonLake sounds the exact same as him. The laketards (an affectionate name for the kids) have also taken the initiative to form e-relationships with people that they hope are girls.
Bryan: Hey, I'm really depressed. My girlfriend dumped me. Maybe looking in the pokemonlake chatrooms would cheer me up!
Mark: Yeah! Those pathetic little 10 year olds can make always make me chuckle when I'm feeling a bit down in the dumps!

(10/10/10 03:18:44PM) <Special_Pikachu> *throws thunder stone to evee*
(10/10/10 03:18:59PM) <Special_Pikachu> Use it!
(10/10/10 03:19:09PM) <lil-eevee> evolves into vaporeon

(10/08/10 09:49:55PM) <shadowmew> mew mew mew mew tuggs on platinums pants mew mew mew mew we're goin bck in time 2 find ur past life and change things after that we'll go 2 sapphires past then i'm goin 2 save my sister ok

(10/11/10 07:32:45PM) <mystic_dragon> eats a elaphent so it hits rikku and she/he falls into mystic dragons stomach acid with the elaphent on top of her
by bodnast October 11, 2010
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