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When something is labeled as "uncool" and people suddenly pretend they don't know anything about it because they think it will make them look bad by association. Coined for people who deny knowing the names of ANY Pokemon, even if they spent several years of their childhood memorizing every single one from the first games.

Alternatively, can be used to describe someone who makes fun of someone else for knowing something that they themselves know, but would not admit to because it's uncool.

Ex: When you use a pokeball in Super Smash Bros, say the name of the Pokemon out loud and your friends make fun of you for knowing it (even if it says its own name in the game).
I usually play as Charizard in Brawl.
Uh... Which one is Charizard again?
Dude, we used to play Red and Blue together EVERY DAY. I think you're in Pokemon Denial.
by LunaticMS March 21, 2011
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When someone who grew up in the 1990s (and therefore was hopelessly obsessed with Pokémon, just as any healthy child was) claims that they were never interested in it.

Ironically this is in an attempt to look cool but the truth being that if they did not like Pokémon as a child (which they blatantly did) they would have been shunned by their peers, the effects of which would still be continuing today.
Tom: hey Steve... when you were a child what was your favourite Pokémon?
Steve: my favourite what?
Tom: Pokémon...
Steve: was that the japanese thing with the yellow monster called Pika something... i was never interested in that!
Tom: your in Pokemon denial.
by thefaceoftom January 09, 2010
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