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A stoned person, often 15 year olds, who throws stuff at wild animals, often rocks, while believeing that he/she are capturing creatures with Pokéballs. Sometimes the animals fight back and it becomes a "pokémon battle". During a battle the "trainer" uses his pet to harm the animal until it faints. For example, the "trainers" wolf (pet) fights a wild squirrel and beats the shit out of it until it faints then the "trainer" continues fighting harmless animals in the woods (for example).

No animals were harmed during the writing of this definition.
Person + weed = adventure in the woods with pet(s) + Pokémon trainer
Trainer + Stoned adventure + pet + wild animal = Pokémon battle
Pokémon battle + animal fainting = crime
Pokémon battle + animal dying = crime + stoned adventure in jail
by YummyKittens June 27, 2013
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