Poiu (or Po for short) is a Hawaiian baby boy name that means "Exalted Glory." Po's are very sweet, and gentle guys. They would never try to hurt anyone and the greatest friends! He will grow to care deeply for his close friends, and do anything for them. When you first look at a Poiu, you get a mysterious vibe from him, making you crave more. At first, he may be a bit shy or socially awkward, but once you two are friends you will never regret it! He can make friends easily... Especially with the ladies... ;) Poiu's can be a bit... nasty and inappropriate at times, but you love his jokes! They are super intelligent but also got the looks. Poiu's CANNOT stand pressure, and desire to work when there isn't any pressure around him. His name restricts proper verbal expression, which makes Poiu's sometimes lonely, and craving attention and ranting to his friends in the process. Po's sometimes may rant to others too much and only think about the negatives of life... Which causes his friends to sometimes be annoyed with him. When you first stare at a Poiu, you first stare at his beautiful eyes and his full lips, which makes him look even more handsome and innocent looking. Overall, even with the negatives, Poiu's are great friends... And even better boyfriends! He is the best guy to have cause he always has your back.
Damn, look at the guy... I bet his name is Poiu!
by cutiebutt04 August 6, 2017
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The sound you make, while trying to make a water drop sound
Brianna: Hey, can you make a water drop sound?
Yannick: Ofcourse! "Poiu"
Brianna: Wow that was on point!!
by Nickelodeonscavanger April 28, 2020
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