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Pointless Bobby is somewhat of a game derived from the idea of 'pointless bullshit', 'bobby bullshit' or 'pointless bobby bullshit', hence the abbreviated name. The idea of the game is to tell someone a total lie for absolutely no reason at all except the fact that one has participated in Pointless Bobby, or as it's sometimes known, 'pointless bobbying' someone.
The lies made inside the game can be absolutely anything and again, for no real reason what so ever (which is the idea). Some examples may include telling people a false career of yours, such as a milkman.

There are no real winnings or rewards that come with the game except the comical effect it has when you tell your friends (who are also involved in the the game) who you have 'pointless bobbied' (plural) and the lies you chose to tell.
Person A: 'What? That gormless Ayo kid told me he was a milkman, I saw him working in Somerfield yesterday!'

Person B: 'Yea, he's not a milkman. He's also not a Priest, he doesn't live in Basingstoke and most importantly he doesn't own a golden toilet.'

Person A: 'What the hell? Why would he lie about that?'

Person B: 'Pointless Bobby, clearly!'
by ClearDoodan April 30, 2010
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