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Not to be confused for Pokemons or Boogey Men, or Pokeymanz, Cat for Pokemon. Pogymanz is a rip off version of Pokemon Ruby, created by Disney, endorsed by Wall-e, and F^%#!*&^ rejected by Obama. A subsidary of Pogymanz is Digimon, as well as a total Disney rip-off, it is also the best source for Childporn. Primarily, Pogymanz don't obey their Pogymanz Master and just chuck against the opponent till death, like cockfighting, except fires and flames go everywere. Often Electricity comes with water as well. The goal of every Pogymanz Master is to become a Pogymanz assasin and be the best of all. If a Pogymanz Master losses all his Pogymanz, he must suicide with an MP40 in Tellap Town. There are Exactly 943 Pogymanz in the Universe. For 4 years,Disney/Miramax/Pogymanz took over the Pokemon movies, after Disney advertised like Chuck Norris, a Pogymanz Suicide Sceene, Pokemon USA Shoved Disney up Pixar's @$$ and took the movie control with Viz. BTW, that's when the Idea for Toy Story 3 hatched, Don't F****** beleive me? Ask those smartasses called Wikipedia.
Where Cockfighting is ok: Welcome to the World of Pogymanz.
by AdvancedK9 August 11, 2008
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