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From Persian پفیوز

A person who pretends to be friends with all and just cannot help himself not to stab them in the back. They have close relationships with cowards and jerk off with the everlasting memory of their best buddies' girlfriends.

Poffuse is too coward to be a pervert and they all have this habit of manifesting a neat outlook of themselves.

Poffuse lacks the ability to hold on to any kind of moral virtues. They are always walking in the back lines and always put the blame on others while expressing the innocent look of a kitty cat.
I prefer to die by the hands of my enemies than to be saluted by a poffuse.

- I always admire you Maggy!
- Shut up you miserable piece of poffuse masking project.

Cut all your connections with poffuse people and enjoy the newly freed capacity of your mind which was busy analyzing their stupid behavior all the time.
by GALAT December 30, 2010
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