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A pocketslide occurs when someone, often someone unfortunate, has a lot of content in their pockets, and when they for example sit down, all their pocket-content falls out.

When this happens on a bus, it is called a busfuck, because the bus pretty much fucked you by doing a really sudden turn. This can also be referred to as a floor sweep because all of the contents will fall down on the floor and "sweep" the floor as it slides down the isle.
D:What's got you so down?
S:Pocketslide... Ten packs of condoms just flew down the isle.
D:Lol, what you need those for?
D:Funny guy
S:No, seriously, i use these for sex
D:No you don't, pornhub premium member
S: Stfu
by ijustcame December 04, 2009
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