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A beer placed in a pocket for future drinkage. Created by Mike O'Leary while hiking through Baird's Creek, WI
We're going outside? Better grab a pocket beer!
by DildoBuyer April 05, 2016
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A beer (bottle or can) typically stored in one's pocket while the individual already has one open for consumption. The pocket beer is stored for use in the near future.
The dudes up in the 911 always carry pocket beers when going out.
by Bill Ring January 19, 2010
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A beer that was purchased in the past for future consumption, even though you currently were currently consuming other beverages, but knowing that when said cocktails were finished, he would want another beverage.
Rob got super drunk on Saint Patrick’s Day yesterday as a result of all the “pocket beers” he had consumed... not all the cocktails he drank.
by Lucky Robbie March 18, 2018
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