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Someone who is not a true racist, and has no real racist intent, but constantly indulges in racist jokes or ideals.
"Hey man why does Kaden say the n word so much, is he a racist?"
"No he's not really racist, it's not like he wants to lynch anyone, he just says it for kicks. He's a pocket racist."
by ΠΊΡƒΡ€ΡƒΠΎ September 27, 2018
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A friend or acquaintance who often uses subtle racist or stereotyping remarks, usually said jokingly to a minority friend. These are typically brushed off as not being serious or acceptable because the speaker has claimed to not be racist in any way.
Greg- "Hey girl, you can do ma nail fo five dolla?"
Asian Friend- "That has never been funny any of the times you've said it. Stop being such a pocket racist."
Greg- "Okay, just stop squinting already!"


Greg- "Want a brownie, brownie?"
Indian Friend- "No, pocket racist."
by libersity November 22, 2009
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