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A disposable tool. Someone you keep in your in your back pocket, to use anytime when needed. Not just any bitch, but your bitch. Thrown in the garbage compactor when done with.

Can sometimes be seen holding onto the inside-out of a pocket whilst following behind their master.
Hermaphrodite: "ZAC! Get on your knees and suck my dick BITCH!"
Pocket Bitch: "Yes ma'am"
by Dat Kruk December 04, 2014
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A girl who seems really nice to most people, but will turn in to a raging uncontrolable bitch if you do something to anger them. In effect they pull the "bitch card" out of thier pocket.
-"Man, I thought that amanda was really nice until she turned into a crazy bitch today."
-Reply:"Yea, shes a pocket bitch"
by Kevin Russell October 03, 2006
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in texas hold em, when your two hole cards are both queens.
Damn, you cracked my pocket bitches.
by ShefMoney October 08, 2004
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A "Pocket Bitch" is an emo person who wears all white or all black with a flat billed hat that says something stupid or has a dollar sign on it. think there cool but there usually the really stoned quiet unwanted kids at partys that stand about 10 feet away from every one. And babysit a beer for over an hour. usually have long unwashed hair and look like a bitch along with act like one.
who invited the "pocket bitches".

haha look at the "pocket bitches" over there.

what a dumb "pocket bitch".

dude did you see that "pocket bitch" get his ass whoped last night.

dumb emo "pocket bitch".
by Walter Fishington September 20, 2010
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