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A word originating in the Russian language but also used by Lithuanians and other Eastern Europeans.

This word is used in a few different ways:

Ex. 1: To signify that everything is the same or unchanging.

Ex. 2: To signify that one doesn't care.

Ex. 3: To signify a hopeless uncaring.

The word is considered slightly vulgar by some older people but many young people throw it around without a problem.
Ex. 1:
Person 1: "Ei, kaip gyveni?" (Hey, how's life?)
Person 2: "Viskas pochui." (Everything's pochui (the same)

Ex. 2:
Person 1: "Mano mergine vel nemyles mane..." (My girl doesn't want to love me anymore)
Person 2: "Bliamba, man pochui, nesvarbu" (Dammit, I'm pochui (uncaring), this doesn't concern me)

Ex. 3:
Person 1: "Sveiki, kaip sekasi?" (Hey, how are you doing?)
Person 2: "Man pochui...nebenoriu gyvent..." (I'm pochui (hopeless)...I don't wanna live anymore...)
Person 1: "O, Nebukit kaip emo pyzda!" (Oh, don't be an emo pussy)
by Lietuviu Kurvas September 12, 2009
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