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Pronouced (pO-chen-ko):
A) Person who drives fast only in a straight line, then slows way the hell down for corners.
B) Person who does not stick to a line. Drives erratically, then takes off with monster power again down straightaways

Also known as: Corvette Drivers, Rolling Chicanes, point-n-squirters
Origin: Based off of a Japanese Pinball game called Pochinko where-in the steel balls shoot out real fast, the go real slow through the twisties.
@HPDE in my miata
See Corvette
In line behind him
Catch every corner
Ruins my corner
Wave bye on straights
Fukkin' POCHENKO!!!

doing 75mph
exit coming up
guy pass me, much fast
guy taking same exit
45mph off ramp, very excite
guy does 30mph.
Fekkin' POCHENKO!!!
by pMak26 December 03, 2013
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