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A person who possesses little book-smarts, great street-smarts, and a horse-sized penis. He is able to discern between many various strains of marijuana, and he experiences sexual encounters on a regular basis. He is most attracted to short cute girls that he can easily ravish in the bedroom. He says that he likes to live on the edge of the law, but he regularly crosses it. Additionally, Drunk Poaolo holds to a very homosexual outlook on life. You could say that he's so gay, he makes the rainbow look like a symbol for homophobes. Finally, Poaolo can sometimes have a blunt personality, but he is very good at heart deep down.
Example 1:

Ben: What is this type of kush?
Poaolo: It is sour diesel, young asshopper.

Example 2:

Ben: Does my breath smell like McDonalds?
Poaolo: It smells like "shut the fuck up."
Ben: Man, I hate that smell!

Example 3:

Poaolo: *On the phone* God, if you were drunk, I would tear your asshole.
Ben: ...You're blitzed as shit.
by #TheRealSlimShady November 11, 2012
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