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Alternatively spelled "maron", a pmaron is one who is used by his wife to do certain tasks that the wife would not be able to accomplish herself or simply does not want to do. A pmaron would be referred to as "the one who does the dirty work." It is often said that a Pmaron exists in a household where "the woman of the house "wears the pants".
Early References

The first references to "pmaron" to be used in this context were made by literature expert, Lucas Dawson, in reference to Macbeth and his relationship with Lady Macbeth.
Disputes over Meaning

It is said by some etymologists that the term "pmaron" can mean practically anything, the credibility of their thoughts is quite limited though.

The word "pmaron" has been developed rather recently, in fact it has not been recognized as a real word by any of the major American dictionaries, but has been increasingly popular and used by many people in the South Florida region of the United States.
"Man, Macbeth was one big pmaron!"
by daftswimmer May 05, 2009
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