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A cheap 4 banger introduced in 1995, meant to compete with the asian imports. It replaced the 80's designed Plymouth Sundance/Dodge Shadow models. Many early Neons were painted in weird colors, such as "Nitro yellow-green", "Aqua", or "Magenta" and had serious paint pealing problems. Paint would often peal off in strips leaving the grey primer exposed. The Neon suffered alot of problems with safety too, and ranked poor in crash test ratings. It's a car to be avoided, but alot are still used today as beaters by teenagers and wannabe gangstas.
The Plymouth Neon is considered the American rice burner. Wannabe gang-banger 17 year olds, who can't afford a Celica, soup them up and make them look even uglier.
by Metalhead83 November 08, 2011
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