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It's like when you with your friends and you hold hands, and cuddle and even to the point kiss and it's like whatever you're friends and if they're cool with it and you are then so be it, there's nothing romantic about it, it's just there.
Like if I were to be holding hands with my sister, I wouldn't care because I know im straight and I am not romantically in love with her. It's not weird, I just want to do that because she's my sister and I will do so because I fucking can, I have a Plutonic Love to her.
by Whycuzwhy February 22, 2014
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Love for a friend that is neither romantic or sexual, like love for a family member.
Tom: Did you just tell him you loved him?

Bob: Yeah it’s plutonic love, I’ve known my whole life.


Stacy: Bye girl love you!!!

Lucy: Love you too girl!! See you Tuesday!!!
by July 18, 2018
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