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Adjective, utilized to enhance one's aura, an addition to their personality, an expression of personal flattery that makes the giver and the receiver of the word feel good about themselves.
For example, when a man is so strong in his personality that he takes the time to notice a finer point about his partner and communicates something like, "You are more beautiful on the inside everyday, its a pluser".

Alternatively, when a woman tells a man that she is seriously connected to him and has a deep burning passion in her stomach when she wakes up. This would be a pluser for the woman and the man.

You have great, natural hair, no need for smelly, pasty, overpowering perfume. Your hair is a real pluser!

Your breasts bounce up and down when you laugh, they are, the daily double plusers(plural).
by The_Jockey November 13, 2009
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